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Sankat Nibaro

As the title itself suggests this wonderful and unique album is a rare compilation of traditional Vedic Mantras that promise to eradicate and eliminate all kinds of obstacles and worries one faces in a lifetime. Human life is seldom free from suffering, sorrow and obstacles; however to reach salvation overpowering all these is rarely achieved by ordinary mortals. Ancient teachings of Vedanta have always been around for 5000 years guiding distressed souls and helping them overcome their internal strife with truth and idealism. Lord Krishna has since time immemorial stood like a shining beacon in the pall of gloom and darkness preaching the words of wisdom as mentioned in the Gita. Vedanta believes that the mere mention of the Lord?s name on our parched lips is enough to spread harmony in our arid lives. However it must be understood that to adopt a correct way even for this simple devotion is of prime importance. And this is what this presentation teaches you with exquisite Mantras like the Sankat nivaran mantra ? Krishna Vasudevaya, Radha Raman Hari Bol and others. Composed and sung by Bhagwat Acharya Shri Venugopal Goswamiji the album is a sure way to eradicate all your obstacles in the most comprehensive manner.

Trak Listing:

  • Krishnaya Vasudevaya mantra – 108 jap
  • Main to kab se
  • Radha raman hari bol
  • Chakra ke dhaaran haar

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