Harmony Music for Yoga & healing therapy CD

Harmony Music for Yoga & healing therapy

In today’s modern world of stress and fatigue, more and more people are turning to ancient science of Yoga and Meditation. Music plays a major role in helping one to relax or to meditate. However, many recordings made for these purposes solely use electronic instruments, which don’t always give the true feelings of natural acoustic instruments.

In this recording, the very talented and world famous Rakesh Chaurasia turns the notes of his mystical Bamboo flute into magic creating a unique sense of tranquility. The flute and the hundred stringed instrument known as Santoor have always been a very likable combination. Thus we teamed up Pandit Ulhas Bapat, a very senior exponent of this difficult to play instrument, with Rakesh to create a recording that one will cherish for years to come.

All improvisations were spontaneous giving the true feeling of their masterful artistry.

The most unique feature of this recording is that no percussion or rhythm instruments have been used so that the flow of the music is undisturbed completely. However the music is played to a pulse – a pulse which follows our breathing, our blood flow and our inner senses to create a complete atmosphere of Harmony for Mind, Body and Soul.

This recording will create a beautiful atmosphere for people who wish to meditate or practice yoga and will be an invaluable asset for therapists to create a wonderful ambience.

For the rest of us, simply listen, enjoy and relax – this enchanting music will take you to a different dimension.

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