Gurudevay Namah

There are undoubtedly no contradicting views to the ancient Vedic belief that a man constantly needs the spiritual guidance of a Guru or a teacher in his life. Hinduism has always taught it proponents the unexplainable benefits that a Guru can bestow in the life of an ordinary human being. The Guru continuously exhorts his student to follow the path of righteousness, a life full of virtue and a self-realization that ultimately sails him toward nirvana or fulfillment. Thus this album is a rare treat to a tired, confused and a helpless mind that is in a constant thirst for illumination and direction in a listless lifestyle.

With exquisite Vedic shlokas and Mantras like Ganapati Shloka, Brahmarandhara Shloka, Dakshinamurthi Gayatri, Dakshinamurti Stotra, Sahastradal Pankaje and many other gems of teaching and knowledge, this album certainly clears the dark clouds wavering over our mind like a ceaseless stream of light spreading its shine everywhere it enters. This is indeed a highly recommended album for everyone in the family and especially for people leading a hectic and busy lifestyle as it provided the much sought after food for our hungry soul and mind.

Track Listing:

  • Ganpati Shloka
  • Commentary
  • Brahmarandhra Shloka & Dakshinamurti Gayatri
  • Dakshinamurti Stotra
  • Sahastradal Pankaje
  • Guru Paduka Panchakam
  • Tatranath Shloka
  • Guru Shloka & Dattatreya Dhyan
  • Dattatreya Stotra & Dhun
  • Dattatreya Gayatri
  • Nirvanashatakam
  • Mohe Laagi Lagan Guru Charanan Ki – Meerabai Bhajan & Chaitanyam Shloka

Concept – Swami Jayramdas
Singers – Amee Mathur, Sachin Limaye, Ashita Limaye & Abhishek
Commentary – Harish Bhimani

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Mantras for Peace & Prosperity

Since time immemorial humankind has been in the constant search for the ever-elusive radiance of Peace & Prosperity that undeniably holds the secret key of the rigmaroles in our mechanical lifestyle. These twin worldly boons are indeed the primary objectives for which there is a ceaseless clamor in our lives and are the ultimate goals that we seek. The ancient Hindu Vedanta has pragmatically evolved unique ways and means to attain these in the form of daily recitation of authentic Vedic Mantras and Chants.

The deities to pray to for these purposes are Shiva, Ashvinikumar, Vishnu, Ganapati, Lakshmi, Durga, Annapoorna, Vastupurush, Annapoorna, Bagalamukhi, Narsimha and Hanuman. The basic desire of every normal human being is Health, Longevity, Livelihood, Progeny, Prosperity, Sufficiency of Food, Home, Satisfaction from Home, removal of obstacles & attaining everlasting peace. This unique album answers all these queries by featuring Vedic Mantras like Swasti Vachan, Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra, Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra, Araogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham, Kanak Dhara Stotra & Annapoorna Stotra.

Artistes – Suresh Wadkar, Devaki Pandit, Ravindra Sathe & Ronu Majumdar.

Track Listing:

  • Introduction – Harish Bhimani
  • Commentary Swati Vachan – Harish Bhimani
  • Swati Vachan – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Commentary Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Griha Kalaha Nashak Brahma Shakti Stotra – Suresh Wadkar & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Ayu Arogya Bala Prapti Stotra – Suresh Wadkar
  • Commentary Arogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham – Harish Bhimani
  • Arogya Dayak Soorya Kavacham – Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Kanak Dhara Mantra / Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Kanak Dhara Mantra – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Kanak Dhara Stotra – Devaki Pandit, Suresh Wadkar & Ravindra Sathe
  • Commentary Putra Praaptikar Shashthi Stotram – Harish Bhimani
  • Putra Praaptikar Shashthi Stotram – Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Annapoorna Mantra / Stotra – Harish Bhimani
  • Dhyaan Mantra – Suresh Wadkar & Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Annapoorna Stotra – Ravindra Sathe & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Baalaashish Stotram – Harish Bhimani
  • Baalaashish Stotram – Suresh Wadkar & Devaki Pandit
  • Commentary Sankashta Nashanam Sankatashtakam – Harish Bhimani
  • Sankashta Nashanam Sankatashtakam – Suresh Wadkar & Ravindra Sathe
  • Commentary Shanti Paath – Harish Bhimani
  • Shanti Paath – Dr. B. P. Vyas
  • Shehnai – Madhu Dhumal

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Universal Prayers

Spirituality is the cornerstone of every individual’s life. After a period of ageless in-depth understanding of our evolvement and thus recognizing the significance and place of spiritual succor in man’s life, our ancient sages, rishis and munis created special mantras and shlokas to facilitate this search for inward peace while dealing with the trials and tribulations of life.

In this collection of Shlokas, Stutis and Mantras you will recognize your favorites – mantras heard practically daily in household pujas, community pujas or otherwise. These sacred and popular Mantras are so full of potency that they will leave a lasting impact on even those who merely listen to them with concentration and sincerity. We believe that all those who let the word power of each mantra and sacred syllable to permeate their beings will receive the unbeatable gift of spiritual peace

Artiste – Sanjeev Abhyankar

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Evolution of the Universe – A Musical Interpretation
  • Vandan – Surya Vandan, Ganesh Vandan, Devi Vandan, Shree Ram Vandan, Nirgun Vandan, Shiv Vandan
  • Guru Vandan
  • Swaroop Vandan
  • Tej Swaroop Vandan
  • Sarvavyaapiparmatma Swaroop Varnanam
  • Yachana – Ganesh Yachana, Vishnu Yachana, Shiv Yachana, Bhagwati Yachana
  • Yachana – Vyaktigat Yachana, Vishwa Shanti Yachana
  • Shantipath
  • Prarthana
  • Omkar Sadhana

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Raatri Mantras

Stress in normal after a hard day’s work. The tired body cries for sleep – with it comes welcome relief and relaxation. Yet, even in sleep, the mind and body subconciously process thoughts and activities. The body performs metabolic activities like digestion. The soul wrestles with negative spirits and nocturnal urges.

This special colelction of Raatri Shlokas aim to protect and aid the entire experince of sleep. These shlokas refresh the mind and body while awake or asleep.

Artists: Sadhana Sargam & Ravindra Sathe

Track Listing:

  • Ganapati Shlok
  • Commentary
  • Raatri Jap Mantra
  • Kaal Bhairav Ashtam
  • Dandpani Stotram
  • Abhyankar Shiv Raksha Storam
  • Shree Venkatesh Stotram
  • Raatri Prarthana Shlok
  • Kshyma Prarthana
  • Hari Om

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Griha Raksha Mantras

According to Hindu Vedas the secret of converting your house into a home is very simple one and can be undertaken with the blessings of the Omnipresent God along with the various emblematic deities of our home. The supreme and invincible combination of worship toward a slew of deities like Ganesha, Vaastu, Gauri and others along with the authentic procedure of the recitation of Mantras and Chants will ensure all-round happiness and prosperity in our homes.

This devotional album contains the famous Mangalacharan – Ganesh Poojan, Gauri Poojan, Graha Smaranam, Vaastupurush Naman, Kshetrapal Avahan, Dash Dikpal Poojan, Naag Stuti, Maruti Stotram, Annapoorna Kavach, Sudarshan Kavach, Sudarshan Narsimha Gayatri and finally culminating with the Vedic Shantipath. It is said that a daily recitation and listening of these mystical and Vedic Mantras will convert all the ‘negative’ vibrations in the house into ‘positive’ waves or aura that defines the tranquility and serenity of this world and will help us in leading a happy, prosperous and a peaceful life in our homes.

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Mangalacharan – Ganesh Poojan
  • Gauri Poojan
  • Graha Smaranam
  • Vaastupurush Naman
  • Kshetrapal Avahan
  • Dash Dikpal Poojan
  • Naag Stuti
  • Commentary
  • Maruti
  • Commentary on Annapoorna Kavach
  • Annapoorna Kavach
  • Commentary on Sudarshan Kavach
  • Sudarshan Kavach
  • Commentary on Shantipath
  • Shantipath

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Bhajan Manjari

This devotional album contains exquisite and beautiful Bhajans (Devotional Songs) sung by famous artists like Hariharan, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Nitin Mukesh and Suresh Wadkar and finally the music score is given by the world-renowned artist – Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia. This album contains superb Bhajans sung in praise of Lord Ram and Krishna and leaves the listeners enthralled and fascinated by the sheer magic of the soulful wordings and touching sentiments of these Bhajans. A wonderful compilation of an amazing range of eight different Bhajans is surely a treat for the listeners and is a must buy for Bhajan and Kirtan lovers.

Track Listing:

  • Ram Tumhare En Charano Ne
  • Sooraj Ki Paheli Kiran Sang
  • Nit Nit Paap Kaate Tu Prani
  • Aisi Bhakti Nahi Jagat Me
  • Tan To Bhagavan Ki Seva Mein
  • Hey Ram Hey Shyam Meri Sunlo
  • Aarti Shree Ramchandra Ki

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World Hindu Chants – Global Interpretations

Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, has no beginning—it precedes recorded history and has no
human founder. It is a mystical philosophy, leading the devotee to personally experience the Truth
within, finally reaching the pinnacle of consciousness where man and God are one. Commonly referred
to as Sanatana Dharma, the eternal faith, Hinduism is based on the practice of Dharma, the code of
life. Since Hinduism has no founder, anyone who practices Dharma can call himself a Hindu. Hindu
philosophy promotes a fundamental belief – that the ancient scripture and mantras of the Vedas is

These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal
religion that has neither beginning nor end. This collection of mantras showcases the essence and
universal nature of Hinduism that gives an insight into the humungous oceans of Vedic culture, its
traditional language and the spirit of Hinduism. This is a truly global album that has the very core of
Hinduism in the most quintessentially nature and will appeal to the eternal seeker of the ultimate
‘Moksha’ or Nirvana. Anyone claiming to be a follower of Hinduism with its unique form of chanting,
Mantras and inner quest of salvation should not miss this one-of-its-kind interpretation of Hinduism.

Track Listing:

  • Gayatri mantra
  • Narayana
  • Govinda jai jai
  • Durga
  • Maha
  • Hari bol
  • Om shree ram, jai ram, jai jai ram
  • Radha raman
  • Nama shivaya
  • Ram
  • Aum jai jagadisha hare

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Sukh Samruddhi Suraksha

The deep-seated goal of the majority of humankind is material wealth, happiness and prosperity in our lives. For the twin achievements of Sukh – Happiness and Samruddhi – Prosperity we attempt to please the Goddess of Wealth – Mahalakshmi. The primordial deity of material happiness is eternally considered to be Goddess Mahalakshmi and this exquisite album contains an amazing range of authentic and traditional Mantras, Chants and Aartis that are sung in praise of various interpretations of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

Commencing with the signature prayer to Goddess Mahalakshmi, then moving to the classical rendition of the Vedic Annapurna Stotram conceived by Shri Adi Shankaracharya and reaching glorious meditation
heights while reciting the Argala Stotram as written by Markandeya Rishi, this album is a treat for lovers of Vedic Hindu music. Moving further this album transports the listener to the ancient chanting of the Kanakdhara Stotram also written by Shri Adi Shankaracharya and finally culminating with the exquisite chants of the Meenakshi Panchratnam Stotram as written by Shri Adi Shankaracharya. This presentation is thus the most diverse yet relevant collection of Mantras and Chants in praise of the Divine Mother that form an aura of divine and pious environment all around us thus elevating our psyche and calming the ruffled feathers of our soul. Indeed an album that is immersed in the pure waters of piety, prosperity and happiness.

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Dev Darshan

The beautiful amalgamation of various Hindu Gods & Goddesses in one single album is a rarity and this amazing mosaic of mesmerizing mantras and stotras are simply superlative. Covering the entire gamut of mantras, chants and stotras dedicated to Ganesha, Devi Durga, Krishna, Shiva, Ram and finally Vishnu fill the atmosphere with radiance that pierces one’s heart and takes us to the glorious path of eternity and salvation. Moving voices of Bhajan maestros like Anup Jalota, Ashit & Hema Desai and Sanjeev Abhyankar are tuned to perfection and never before seen harmony of traditional Indian Music with Vedic prayers. Certainly this is a divine album that immerses the listeners with serenity, devotion and ever-lasting peace.

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Gyan Jyoti

The brightest light of all is considered to be Wisdom or Knowledge, the Gyan of the intellect and our inner self. The true Enlightenment is only attained by knowledge and is always considered to be an evolvement of our life and spiritual realization. The Atma or the Soul is ever hungry for learning the unknown, ever seeking answers far beyond the obvious and it is this search for knowledge that makes our goals attainable and reach the pinnacles of glory. The recitation of, or merely listening to the mantras featured in this album, before commencing upon one’s studies, is known to have the power to sharpen the child’s mental and intellectual abilities. These mantras are a humble prayer to Goddess Saraswati to grant us success in all our endeavors.

Mother Saraswati is the primordial Goddess of Knowledge and since Vedic times the benevolent Mother has enlightened our souls and granted us the sweet nectar of achievements. Truly a must buy album for the ever-thirsty seeker of knowledge and especially for students of all ages!

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Amrut Varsha

The rains and showers of love, devotion and tranquility are received by few souls and thus it is believed that this Varsha (rain of love) should be lovingly embraced so that this Varsha of Amrut (Nectar) will willingly quench the thirst of our parched souls and minds. This amazing amalgamation and confluence of immemorial chants and bhajans bestow an immediate sense of calmness and serenity for the tired mind and pave a return of the white light of solitude that clears the darkness of our timid self.

Vedic literature has always provoked our earlier generations for doing a greater good for the larger mankind and usher in peace that swathes the entire world. These universal chants and songs indeed harmonize our surrounding environs and help us in invoking various forms of God through these devotional sounds and surely provide a source of knowledge, fulfillment and prosperity not only for us but also for our younger generations. This exquisite album is surely inspiring and lives up to its name of literally transforming in to Amrut (Divine) Varsha (Rain) that are obtainable for everyone.

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Shree Ganjendra Moksha Stotra

Source: Sri Bhagwat Puraan, 8th Canto-3rd Chapter

The story is not just a story of an elephant and a crocodile; it is about the man, his ego and his selfishness. The man (the elephant- symbol) is surrounded by so many illusions ” Maya” that he becomes egoistic. For him, nothing is stringer than himself. But when any problem or the dark image of his works (symbol – crocodile) comes face to face, only then he learns about his true position which is no less than hollow and fake one. This is the time he regrets and surrenders himself to the Almighty.

The great book ” Bhagwat Puraan” says that who so ever will chant or listen to the Gajendra Moksha regularly, to him success and fame will come naturally without him falling into the trap of Ego and worldly attachments. And he’ll not have bad dreams or suffer from nightmares. The often-told stories of ancient past are not just source of entertainment to us but are symbolic of many things and indirectly guide to the road of salvation “MOKSHA”.

Gajendra Moksha is also based on one such story. Gajendra, chief of elephants, was once enjoying himself while bathing in a lake in the company of his large family. He was so engrossed in his enjoyment that he couldn’t notice a crocodile approaching; the crocodile caught hold of his foot and tried to get him down. Thus the battle between the two strong animals started. But crocodile being an aquatic animal was more powerful in water thus was able to pull the elephant more. Gajendra unable to release his foot from the strong grip of the crocodile prayed to the Almighty. His prayer was immediately answered and he was rescued, was prided “Moksha” from the clutches of crocodile.

Track listing:

  • Shloka
  • Shri Gajendra Moksh Stotra
  • Deen Dayal (Bhajan)
  • Meri Naiya (Bhajan)
  • Hari Bol (Sankirtan)

Vocals – Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji

Music – Kedar Pandit

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Feminine Balance Healing Music for Well-being

The society where women are health, where they are treated with respect & love, where they are protected in body, mind and soul, is the society where prosperity, peace, goodness & spiritual richness will prevail. For the modern woman of the 21st century, it has become imperative to remember some ancient vital truths for her own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. God created woman with beauty & balance.

Her special hormonal cycle acts as a barrier to disease, and gives her strength and immunity from many afflictions. It is also known that a woman’s beauty and kindness is a reflection of her inner health and her innate feminism. Only a woman full of energy and vitality can ensure the health of future generations. The presence of a woman brings joy and creativity to make life a celebration. This unique music is the outcome of many years of research by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe. Listening regularly to this music, interwoven with traditional mantras, offers health and harmony. Ancient Indian scriptures emphasize the importance of a woman’s innate feminism for bringing joy & creativity to this world. In modern times, it is as important as ever for a woman to maintain the delicate feminine balance for the health of body, mind & soul.

Vocals – Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe, Sanjeev Abhyankar

Introduction by – Shri Amitabh Bachchan

Track listing:

  • Prarthana – Atharvaveda Mantra – Shanti Mantra
  • Commentary (in English)
  • Achyutashtakam for feminine Balance
  • Rigveda Mantra
  • Music for Feminine Balance
  • Aumkara and Panchtatva Bijamantra
  • Body Protection & Rejuvenation
  • Samaveda Mantra
  • Rigveda Mantra
  • Yamunashtakam
  • Saraswati Veena Music

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Sacred Hindu Chants

Spirituality is the cornerstone of every individual’s life. Recognizing the significance and place of spiritual succor in man’s life, our ancient sages, rishis and munis created special mantras and shlokas to facilitate this search for inward peace while dealing with the trials and tribulations of life. In this collection of shlokas, stutis and mantras you will recognize your favorites – mantras heard practically daily in household pujas, community pujas or otherwise.

These sacred and popular mantras are so full of potency that they will leave a lasting impact on even those who merely listen to them with concentration and sincerity. We believe that all those who let the word power of each mantra and sacred syllable to permeate their beings will receive the unbeatable gift of spiritual peace. Potentially the most comprehensive devotional album ever produced that amalgamates such a wide repertoire of ancient and sacred mantras and chants in a mesmerizing way.

Track Listing:

  • Omkar dhwani
  • Commentary – Harish Bhimani
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya
  • Ganpati Aavahan
  • Ganpati Vandana
  • Sarva Mangal Mangalye
  • Pratah Smaran
  • Karadarshanam
  • Kshamaprarthana
  • Navgragha Stuti
  • Gayatri mantra
  • Vishnu Stuti
  • Shri Krishna Stuti
  • Mahamrityunjaya mantra
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Suryordaya Mantra
  • Brahmastuti
  • Thvamev Maata
  • Om Sarve Bhavantu
  • Om Asto Maa
  • Om Poornamadah
  • Navkar mantra
  • Prakrati Prarthana
  • Mangal kaamna
  • Tulsi Stuti
  • Vaidokta Shani Mantra + Shani Gayatri
  • Ya kundendu
  • Mangal Mantra + Mangal Gayatri
  • Shiv Stuti
  • Vaastu purush stuti
  • Shubh Laabh mantra
  • Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu
  • Shanti Mantra

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Sacred Mantras of India

This is a path-breaking album having all the right ingredients in making of an eternal masterpiece. It presents a perfect blend of authentic mantras of Hinduism with the modern rhythms of today’s fusion music and the result is awe-inspiring. One gets lifted in to the airy elevations of a heady connotation while listening to the sounds of the traditional Hindu chants like the Surya Mantra, Aditya Hridayam, Pratah Smaran blended in the harmonious tunes of ‘Raag Bhatiyar’ or listening to chants like Ganesh Mantra, Guru Stuti, Vasudev Sutam Devam in the classical sounds of ‘Raag Parmeshwari’ gives a feeling of perpetual ecstasy united with the pure fragrance of devotion. It is our modest assertion that you would not find such an exhilarating compilation of the finest Sacred Hindu Mantras immersed in the rich realm of Indian classical Ragas in one such music album.

This album also contains the following tracks:

  • Chants- Raag Bhatiyar (Surya Mantra- Aditya Hridayam, Pratah Smaran.
  • Chants- Raag Parmeshwari (Ganesh Mantra, Guru Stuti, Vasudev Sutam Devam.
  • Chants- Raag Bilawal (Omkar Vindu, Mukam Karoti Vachalam, Kayena Vacha.
  • Chants- Raag Gorakh Kalyan (Asato Maa, Purna Mada, Sarve Bhavantu, Sahana.
  • Chants- Raag Bhairavi (Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Ya Devi Sarve Bhuteshu.

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Evening Mantras

After the huge success of the album – Morning Mantrasm Times Music now presents – Evening Mantras.

The gentle lull that comes when the sun is nearly set & night readies to settle is called ‘Sandhya’. This is the hour is sending a prayer to God while contemplating one’s good and bad actions.During this twilight time we thank the Supreme Power for His infinite love and affectionthat has helped us through the day and we hope and pray to God to continue to protect us in the following day too.

Chanting or listening to evening mantras like Sandhya Stotram, Deepdanam, Sandhyakale Saraswati Stotram and such others is belivedto lead to peace, well being and fulfillment to all our wishes. This album begins with a Ganesh Stavan, followed by commentary in the voice of Harish Bhimani and then progresses with the important authentic Vedic mantras that are customarily recited in the evening. The album ends with the all-encompassing – Hari Om Dhun and the serene chants of Shanti Path.

Kedar Pandit has given the enchanting music for this album and the Morning mantras artists – Sadhana Sargam & Ravindra Sathe have lent their melodious voices to this splendid devotional masterpiece – Evening Mantras.

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Bhakti Suman

This is another album in the Bhaktigeet / Bhatisagar / Divya Jyoti series. This album is basically a compilation of Bhajans by
well known artistes like Shankar Mahadevan, Jaspinder Narula, Suresh Wadkar, Alka Yagnik, Kavita Krishnamurthy, etc.

Track Listing :

  • Jai Shani
  • Man darpan ko nirmal kar do
  • Santoshi maa stuti
  • Sri Krishna
  • Sai parmeshwar sai karuneshwar
  • Bolo radhe Krishna
  • Bhajman
  • Mata Kalika

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Morning Mantras Mantras To Start Your Day

This is a path-breaking album that encompasses the entire range of Mantras and Shlokas that are recited for an auspicious commencement of our day that leads to prosperity and harmony in our lives. It is traditionally believed by Hindus that a daily recitation of these Morning Mantras during the auspicious period of ‘Brahma-Muhurat’ gives one immense benefit leading to greater spiritual fulfillment. These early morning hours (between 4 A.M. to 6 A.M.) are the time when Satwa dominates. This part of the day is full of goodness and when the mind is in its purest form. As the day progresses, the guna of Rajas becomes prominent. Energy levels are the highest, and the mind is full of enthusiasm and excitement. Tamas predominates the evenings and late nights where the darkness, impurities and weaknesses of the mind are easily brought forth.

This album contains authentic traditional Vedic Mantras that have been carefully selected that will bestow us with the utmost benefit. Here is list of these special Morning Mantras:

  • Nivedan
  • Kar Darshanam
  • Bhumi Prarthana
  • Prataha Smaranam
  • Snanh Mantra
  • Tilak Mantra
  • Pranayaam Mantra
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Suryardhya Mantra
  • Surya Prarthna
  • Guru Smaranam
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Karyasidhdhi Hetu Pratah Smaranam
  • Parbrahamanha Smaranam
  • Ganeshasya Smaranam
  • Chandi Smaranam
  • Vishno Smaranam
  • Ramasya Smaranam
  • Shivasya Smaranam
  • Navgraha Prarthna
  • Prakrati Prarthna
  • Mangal Kamna
  • Hari Om

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Buri Nazar Se Rakshan Drishta Dosh Nivaran Mantra

One’s good fortune is almost never free from envy and resentment from others. After all, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ as the saying goes. From the greatest business tycoon to the most humble labourer, each and every one is watchful of the disturbing consequences of ‘drishta’ or ‘buri nazar’ as we Indians commonly term it.

This album is a remedy on a spiritual level to dispel the malefic effects of these negative vibrations.

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Divya Jyoti

The chief function of ritualism is determined by the symbolism. Most of our religious rites, like the aarti we perform are intended for visualizing belief.
This album is beautiful collection of aartis, by accomplished artists like Sadhana Sargam, Sanjeev Abhyankar & Ravindra Sathe.

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Spirit Of Harmony by Dr. Balaji Tambe

Dr. Tambe is a gifted & versatile artisit, whole concerts in India and Europe always attract a large number of people. Throught out the years in which Dr. Tambe has been practising medication and working as an Ayurdeic doctor, the music has emerged as an expression of his inner self. Later on, this music was recorded and used for research purpose.

Relaxation is the need of the times in the fast world of activity. The texts and muscial compositions based on ragas, which are presented in this album have been selected as a result of scientific research to offer relaxation for body & mind.

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Hari Kirtan

If we are looking for peace of mind there is no way one can have it through physical and materialistic objects. What we see or feel by our senses has certainly a beginning and an end. The only object which is infinite is the Inner Self – the soul, which has no beginning and no end. It is because our inner universe is accumulated with memories and thoughts, that we are unable to discover that centre, the source of energy.

It is through meditating that one may discover peace and tranquility revealing the centre, the Inner Self. Hari Kirtan – a classical melody is one of the many paths heading towards that inner source and bliss.

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Agnihotra Shantipath

Among all the methods and rituals prescribed by the ancient Vedas to achive tranquility, nothing perhaps is as relevant today as the Agnihotra Shantipath. The sheer sound of these chants has a purifying effect, not only on our individual dwelling places, but also the immediate neightbourhood and the entire environment.

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Shanti – Music For Peace

Welcome to the fascinating world of sound & music that has the power to comfort & calm the senses and the mind. Music that is structured to help you relax and indeed soothe your soul thru this divine creation by Abhijit Pohankar, a well known classical keyboard player in India.

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Himalayan Chants

An album of extensively researched divine sounds of spirituality comprising of twelve unique collection of stutis and chants which surely is a must buy for any serious collector of Indian classical and devotional music.

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An album that will appeal to your soul. Words that uplift you from the realm of the normal, melodies that originates from deep within. It is a sublime rendition of our prayers and music, Shraddha. Meaning, devotion, meaning sixty soothing minutes for your soul. Shraddha is a blessing, in the guise of a musical album.

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Bhakti Geet

A truly versatile album, which takes pride in true diversity of the various dimensions of Hindu religion, displaying it’s true colors in a shower of spiritualism. From traditional household bhajans like, Jai Jagdish Hare, Om Namah Shivay, to unique gems like Gayatri Maa, this album gives you everything in one single package.

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