: Music For De-Stress & Relaxation

Music For De-Stress & Relaxation

This research has been carried out by Dr. T. Mythily, Ph.D, a research scholar, a clinical psychologist and Music Therapist. She is Director of Music Therapy Department, Apollo Hospital, Chennai. INDIA

Track Listing:

  • Music Therapy provides positive Changes in mood and emotional status
  • Music captivates and maintains attention ? it stimulates parts of the brain
  • Music and the silence within it, provides non ? Verbal, immediate feedback
  • Music is where people of all levels can participate
  • Music is easily adapted to, and can be reflective of a person?s abilities
  • Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition
  • Music Provides a social context ? it sets up a safe, structured setting for verbal
  • And non ? verbal communication


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