My Pilgrimage Audio Titles

My Pilgrimage

Nalin Nirula and Renoo Nirula are internationally known successful healers and teachers of self-healing methods. Their psychic and clairvoyant abilities, and their lifetimes of spiritual background practice, empowerment and guidance all come together create these unique series of sound meditations perfect for the times of today. In their words, "these wellness meditations help people to help themselves, to heal and empower themselves, creating abundance in their lives no matter what condition or situation of life they may be in."

My Pilgrimage

These special wellness meditations assist in experiencing and achieving peacefulness, tranquility, happiness, joy and abundance in every area of life and living in a whole and complete way. In this collection we undertake a major healing of our inner self that enables us to move forward in our lives with strength and revitalized purpose.

'My Pilgrimage' is an inner journey to connect with the purifying energies of mother Ganga through the grace of the universal healers known and unknown to enhance the energies of strength, abundance and creativity. Invoking life giving energies of mother Ganga and Surya, we proceed through gateways opened by benevolent Sri Ganesh, with energy to accomplish from Shri Kartikeya, and the hardworking service attitude of Nandi maharaj.

Receiving cosmic de-toxifying and purifying energies of the Master Healers Shiva-Parvati we become eligible to actively be in the presence of the spiritually rejuvenating. Connecting with protective-healing chanting of mantras, the grace of mother Ganga and the holy land of sage rishis, we are blessed indeed and transported to the presence SupremeDivine-Sri Sri Radha-Krishna, the all attracting and All Attractive.

'Healing the Bones' and the 'Earth Meditation' generate the receptivity to understand the ways and means to gather the strength to further act and achieve abundance in our lives. These meditations helps us to connect with recognition of the importance of healing our relationship with our material and spiritual existence in perfect balance. Being in harmony with these energies we are able to function the best possible way in our daily lives giving up stress. These two meditations also assist us to enhance the longevity of our lives, giving us more opportunities to quickly heal any obstacles in our path.

Finally, the 'Spiritual Travel' meditation puts us on the path to achieving liberation from the inability to act creatively, bring limitless spiritual strength to empower our daily life's activities.

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