Pitru Dosh Nivaran Stotra

Pitru Dosh Nivaran Stotra

In the ancient Vedic scriptures of India assert that every generation in indebted to their ancestors. These scriptures define ancestors as not only members of our own family lineage, but also teachers, mentors, role models, friends, who have contributed to our welfare in this or previous lives.

This album is an invoction, ode and oblation to our forefathers. This album comprises of aselction of potent Stotras. Richas and mantras culled from the vendas and other authentic scriptures, which aver that the spirits of our ancestors can be pleased by the recitation of chants.

Ley us give this offering of love and gratitude to our ancestors as a gesture of support for their soul’s continues evolution.

CD: $9.50

Cassette: $2.75

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