Mantras For Protection ? Shatrubaadha Nivaran Mantra

Mantras For Protection ? Shatrubaadha Nivaran Mantra

The fear of the known rather than the unknown is more often than not brushed aside by most of us in our daily lives. The insecurity of human soul, its own mind games that we strive to supercede, our inherent desire to overpower the obstacles strewn across our path to achievement continue to fuel our passion to succeed and finally we endeavor to reach our individually set goals in this material world. Our strategy for this plan is almost foggy and we seldom attempt to adjust our lens so that we can clearly define our targets and for this journey we fail to include any loyal method of back up or protection through adversity.

The Mantras For Protection ? Shatrubaadha Nivaran Mantra is one such answer for all our quests of supremacy that we seek over our hostile, often harmful circumstances that we are forced to fear that finally ends in our meek surrender to these detrimental currents in our calm and pond-like life. This phenomenal album contains all such remedial Mantras that are powerful enough to protect our humble self and provide valuable guidance that we continue to reach for our very existence.

Mantras like Shatru Mitra Kar Mantra, the Shatru Mitra Kar Saptashati Mantra, the ancient Kunjika Stotram, the Shatru Vidhwansini Stotram, Sankashtanashak Ganapati Stotram, the Vedic Bagala Mukhi Dhyana and Mantra, Hanumat Langoolastra Stotram, the powerful Narsimha Stotram finally ending with the illuminating chanting of the Shanti Path that guides us for attaining peace within ourselves. This is truly a one-of-its kind album that combines a lot of answers in the form of ancient Mantras that actually elevate our soul to the higher planes of self-attainment.

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