Deities: Krishna & Jarasandha

Jasarandha was the emperor of Aryavarta (North India) at the time when the Pandavas were ruling at Indraprastha. Most of the kings of North India acknowledged his superiority out of fear. Many of those who did not, had been imprisoned by him. To establish the supremacy of the Pandavas it was necessary to subdue Jasarandha.Though Jasarandha was considered invincible, he had a vital flaw. Jasarandha had a split personality, in a purely physical sense. He was born split and it was the (black) magical touch of a sorceress that had joined the two halves to complete the man.

This joint was at once the source of his strength and the cause for his weakness. Mighty men of mythology, be they of the East or the West, were always characterised by a vital asset which, in reverse would turn out to be their vital flaw. Karna’s Kavacha (armour) and Achilles’ heel are classic examples. The secret of the heroes’ strength often remained locked in this dual nature of their gifts. Only those who knew the secret could vanquish them. Jasarandha’s weakness was known only to Krishna; how he brings about the fall of the mighty and evil emperor is narrated in this Amar Chitra Katha, based on the Bhagwat Purana and the Mahabharata.

Script : Anant Pai
Illustrator :Ram Waeerkar
ISBN : 81-7508-045-0

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