Raatri Mantras Audio CD

Raatri Mantras

Stress in normal after a hard day’s work. The tired body cries for sleep – with it comes welcome relief and relaxation. Yet, even in sleep, the mind and body subconciously process thoughts and activities. The body performs metabolic activities like digestion. The soul wrestles with negative spirits and nocturnal urges.

This special colelction of Raatri Shlokas aim to protect and aid the entire experince of sleep. These shlokas refresh the mind and body while awake or asleep.

Artists: Sadhana Sargam & Ravindra Sathe

Track Listing:

  • Ganapati Shlok
  • Commentary
  • Raatri Jap Mantra
  • Kaal Bhairav Ashtam
  • Dandpani Stotram
  • Abhyankar Shiv Raksha Storam
  • Shree Venkatesh Stotram
  • Raatri Prarthana Shlok
  • Kshyma Prarthana
  • Hari Om

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