Svetasvatara Upanishad Book 2

1. Savitr, first yoking mind,
Yoking thoughts for truth (tattva),
Discerning the light of Agni
Brought it up from earth.

2. We, with mind yoked,
Under the inspiration of the god Savitr,
By his power, for the heavenly world.

3. Having yoked by mind the heaven-going gods
That go by thought to the sky,
May Savitr inspire them
To make a great light.

4. The poets of the great inspired poet
Yoke mind and yoke thoughts.
The one knower of ways has assigned the Hotr’s tasks.
Great is the praise of the god Savitr.

5. I yoke your ancient lore (brahman) with praises.
Let my verse go on the hero’s path.
May all the sons of the immortal, who have reached
The divine abodes, hear.

6. Where fire is kindled,
Where wind arises,
Where Soma overflows,
Mind appears.

7. With Savitr as inspirer
One should take delight in the ancient lore:
There make your source.
Your good deeds have not perished.

8. Keeping the body straight, its three parts upright,
Causing the senses by mind to enter the heart,
By the boat of brahman the wise one should cross over
All the terrifying floods.

9. Suppressing the bodily functions (prana), movements controlled,
His breath (prana) light, he should breathe through the nose:
The wise one, heedful, should control the mind
As a chariot yoked to bad horses.

10. In a level, clean place, free from gravel, fire and sand,
With soundless water, a dwelling and so on,
Pleasing to the mind and not harsh on the eye,
Secret and sheltered from the wind, one should practice yoga.

11. Forms of mist, smoke, sun, wind, fire,
Fireflies, lightning, crystal, or moon,
Are harbingers in yoga
Which bring manifestations in brahman.

12. When earth, water, fire, air and space have arisen
And the fivefold strand of yoga has come forth,
One has neither disease nor old age nor death,
Having won a body made of the fire of yoga.

13. Lightness, freedom from disease, steadiness,
Clarity of complexion, sweetness of voice,
A pleasant smell, little urine or excrement,
Tell of the first arising of yoga.

14. Just as a mirror smeared with dirt,
Once cleaned, shines, being bright,
The embodied, seeing the entity of self,
Becomes one, his aim fulfilled, freed from sorrow.

15. But when, concentrated one sees here, by the entity of self,
As by a lamp, the entity of brahman,
Knowing the god as unborn, constant, free of all entities,
One is freed from all bonds.

16. The god faces all directions:
He was born of old and yet is in the womb,
Born and to be born, he stands
In front of people, facing every way.

17. To the god who is in fire, in water,
Who has entered the whole world,
Who is in plants, in trees?
To the god be praise, be praise.

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