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Sakala Devata Bija Mantras

Mantra is a divine combination of divine syllables or sounds which when chanted woth devotion, faith and emotion gravitate the concerned God and secure their divine blessings. For divine help, one must connect with the divine forces. By regular chanting of mantras a link is created between the devotee and the deity.

In this rare and special album there is a combination of frequncy of sound viz. Mantras with the geometric mandalas orchestrated to produce visual symphonies that create the harmonic unification of diversity.

Track Listing:

  • Sakala Devata Bija Mantra
  • Ganesha Ashtotra Namavali
  • Subramya Ashtotra Namavali
  • Durga Ashtora Namavali

CDSR 067

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