Shubh DhwaniThe Auspicious Sound Of Shehnai

Shubh DhwaniThe Auspicious Sound Of Shehnai

Shehnai has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. Any special occasion, ith or without auspicious ceremonies begins with the Shehnai. So strong is the association between this instrument and festivities that the very word Shehnai has become synonymous with celebrations and happiness.

In fact, in several parts of the country even today, the temples resonate with the sound of the Shehnai in the early hours of morning.

The sweet and exquisite Shehnai music of Pandit Shambhaji Dhumal together with a breath taking virtuoso Harmonium accompaniment by Ustad Akhlak Hussain is set to become a must have album in the easy listening collection of the connoisseurs.

Track Listing:

  • Prarambh
  • Shubh
  • Khushi
  • Shobha
  • Mangalik
  • Shubh Ashish

CD: $9.50

Cassette: $2.75

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