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Yoga Nidra Vol. II

Yoga Nidra is best practiced in an softly-lit room away from noise and disturbance, when you have enough time to relax, sit on a mat on the floor with your eyes closed. Keep a cover beside you so that you can use it when you lie down while following the commentary on the cassette.

We wish you a relaxing and peaceful experience of Yoga Nidra; unity through sleep.

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Yoga Nidra Vol. I

Yoga Nidra is a technique to attract and restore grace so that one can enjoy deep sleep, which is a beautiful gift from Nature.

Yoga means union, not just a mixture, but a harmony between two beings existing at different levels. It is union between the known and the unknown, the body and the individual, information and the individual and finally nature or omnipresent God and the individual. At the outset, Yoga allows grace to be conferred upon the individual by a particular technique, which is ultimately allows one to unite.

There are many different types of Yoga. Hatha Yoga means to unite with the individual through a physical body discipline. Dhyana Yoga means to unite with the individual through experience. Similarly, Yoga Nidra is a technique or art of sleeping to unite the outer and inner worlds.

In the initial stages, Yoga Nidra offers or restores the possibility of proper deep sleep. Advanced practice of Yoga Nidra can give an experience which is beyond words. It is possible to achieve a state where the body and the individual exist separately from each other.

Yoga Nidra is one of the most effective techniques to achieve good sleep a healthy body and the possibility to experience beyond.

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CD: $8.50

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