Chords Of Devotion

Chords Of Devotion Sarod by Ayan Ali Bangash

Ayaan Ali Bangash represents of the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangesh School. The younger son and disciple of the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan stepped into the world of music and Sarod with confidence and technical mastery as the age of eight with his solo debut performance. Ever since, he has given many solo performances and has also assisted his illustrious father at concerts world wide.

Raag Lalita-Gauri is a union of the two ancient Raags Lalit & Gauri named after the manifestations of the Divine Mother of Shakti. The Raag embeds within its structure, the Lalit ang signature of Raag Lalit fashioned from the clode coupling of the madhyam ad Raag Gauri signature obtained from the peculiar behavious on and around the shuddh nishaad of the mandra saptak. This Raag showers on the listener a pious stream of devotion and fills them ith a soul drenching spiritual experience.

Raag Tilak Kamod The nomenclature of the Raag Tilak Kamod can be quite misleading since the Rag has no trace of Kamod in it. The Raag is known for its intellectual depth, range and beauty and is a favourite of many singers and musicians when they want to render spirituality.

Track Listing:

  • Raag Lalita Gauri
  • Raag Tilak Kamod

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