Buddhist Tales : Angulimala

Having realised the cause of human suffering and the remedy thereof, Lord Buddha wandered from place to place to enlighten the people. His teachings concern the forces that cause bondage and the means by which salvation can be achieved. He was received with respect wherever he went. Prasenajit, the King of Kosala who ruled from his capital Shravasti, was a great admirer of Lord Buddha, although he had not converted to Buddhism.

In the forest on the outskirts of Shravasti lived Angulimala, the dreaded highway robber who plundered and killed travelling traders. Fearing him, people eventually gave up travelling by the road that passed though his haunts. Though everybody shunned Angulimala, Buddha chose to cross his path. Then took place the historic meeting of the saint and the sinner. In the encounter between the forces of violence and non-violence, the former prevailed and Angulimala became a disciple of Lord Buddha. This Amar Chitra Katha is an adaptation of the story of Anguliamala from the Buddhist text Paramatthadipani of Dhammapala.

Script :Subba Rao
Illustrator :Pratap Mulick
ISBN : 81-7508-071-X

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