Folk Tales: Tales of Maryada Rama

Maryada Rama, the protagonist of these stories is a folk-hero. He is the hero whose image recurs in the folklore of all communities all over the world. The legends and fables, be they from Constantinople, Ispahan, Peking, Delhi or Tanjavoor, always have a hero who stands out as an example of the triumph of common sense over sophisticated intellect. Even his humour springs from common sense.

He becomes a folk-hero because he represents the common man in many ways. He brings to the under-dog, the hope for success.The folk-hero has a native shrewdness which scores over the powers of establishment like the bureaucracy, the army, the royalty and the judiciary.The stories in this book tell us of Maryada Rama's success in meting out justice where the law is helpless to do it.

Script : Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :V.B. Halbe
ISBN : 81-7508-081-7

Code: 633

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