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Satnaam Waheguru

According to Sikhism “Waheguru” is the light that removes our inner darkness
and enlightens our intellect and conforms to the eternal truth. This Sikh
salutation means “Khalsa belongs to God and to God alone belongs the
Victory”. This superb album – Satnaam Waheguru contains the Shri Guru Nanak
Dhun that is in praise of the First Guru of Sikhism – Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak
felt that it would be improper to postpone Nama Smarana or remembering the
Name of the Lord, even by a single breath, because no one could tell whether
the breath that had gone in would come out or not. Nanak says, “We are men
of one breath. I know not a longer time limit”. Guru Nanak calls Himself
alone a true saint who remembers the Name of the Lord with every incoming
and outgoing breath.

The ideal is practical and within the reach of every
man. He tells the people not to lose any time but to begin at once. He also
says that there are no barriers of race, class, caste, creed or colour which
check the progress of any in reaching the goal. He realized the great truth
of the brotherhood of religions. He preached the universal brotherhood of
man and the fatherhood of God to all people. He introduced the singing of
God’s praise, along with music, as a means of linking the soul of man with
God. This devotional album is a beautiful presentation in praise of Guru
Nanakji and it contains the most divine Dhun that is sung in a captivating
and enthralling way by the renowned singer Jaswinder Singh in a melodious
form that contains the Mantra in repetition thus providing a soothing
influence to all its listeners.

Lead Singer: Jaswinder Singh


CD: $7.95

Cassette: $2.50

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