Sanskrit Tales: Raja Bhoja

Bhoja, King of Malwa during the 11th Century A.D., is well known to us as the central figure of the Vikramacharita. The original version of this work was probably written during his reign in his honour.In Vikramachariota, Bhoja discovers the throne of Vikramaditya, which is adorned by 32 statues. Each of these statues tells him a story. These statues are Apsaras (fairies) who are under a curse. Only when Bhoja has proved to them that he is as magnanimous, noble and generous as Vikramaditya may he ascend the throne. He does and they are released from the curse.

But the Bhojaprabandha (narrative of Bhoja) by Ballala from which the following episodes have been retold is a romantic written in Sanskrit, partly in verse and partly in prose.Ballala was interested not so much in history as in heroics. In his attempt to magnify Bhoja as a patron of art and letters, Ballala has ignored historical facts. The poets, Kalidas and Bana, who, he said adorned Bhoja’s court, belonged to centuries much before Bhoja.

Script : Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :G.R. Naik
ISBN : 81-7508-321-2

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