Sanskrit Tales: Vasantasena

‘Mrichchakatikam’ by Shudraka, from which our story has been adapted, is counted as one among the classic Sanskrit plays. Yet it is unique in its plot and characterisation. The story tells of a king who is overthrown by a leader of the people. This assumes added significance in view of the fact that the author of the play, Shudraka was a king. The play is said to have been written between the 1st Century B.C. and the 1st Century A.D. ‘Mrichchakatikam’ literally means a clay-cart and refers to the toy cart with which the son of Charudatta, who has been reduced to poverty, plays.

The heroine of the play is Vasantasaena, a wealthy dancing girl who falls in love with Charudatta. The play depicts a society which is sufficiently advanced to not only luxury-loving but corrupt too. The society, however, is not devoid of good men, for the corrupt king is overthrown. The political theme and secular treatment have given the play contemporary relevance. It has been translated into English and French. In its English version, it has been successfully produced in the USA.

Script :Kamala Chandrakant
Illustrator :G.R. Naik
ISBN : 81-7508-158-9

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