Mahalakshmi – Audio Titles

Mangal Kaamna is a means through which we can earn the goodwill
and blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi. It comprises various ?stotras’ & ?stutis’
chosen with great care to bestow maximum benefits to a regular listener.
Chanting of these mantras is considered a boon for one’s mind & body
and is known to bring us prosperity. These stutis find an important
place in our Holy Scriptures. They are also a part of all our auspicious
occasions. Their virtues have been evidenced by holy men themselves.

Consequently, they have been a part of our traditions for ages
now. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi bestows her benevolence
upon Ganesha’s true devotees. ?Ganesh stotra’ extols the virtues
of Lord Ganesha, thereby bringing us good luck & success. It also
destroys vanity from our lives.. ?Kanakadhaara stotram’ a praise
of Goddess Mahalakshmi,is a composition by Shri Adi Shankarachrya.This
mantra has the potency to relieve poverty ,sufferings, afflictions
and sins. It is also know to fill one’s life with untold riches.

There are eight forms of Shri Lakshmi and only if one prays all
Her forms does one pray Her in totality.

?Asta Lakshmi stotram ‘makes this possible for us. With ?Bhavani
stuti’ we get to bow before Goddess Durga who bestows us her ?Shakti’.
She is the one who concentrates all the power and energy of the universe
within Herself. ?Ya devi sarva bhooteshu’ is a prayer to the Supreme
Goddess who dwells in all living beings as a mother, always loving
and kind. ?Sarva mangal maangalye’is a surrender before Goddess Parvati,
the wife of Lord Shiva. Lord Indra offers salutations to Mahalakshmi
in ?Indrakrit Mahalakshmi stotra’. Mahalakshmi,the destroyer of sins & sorrows
and the giver of riches and emancipation is called an eternal force
by Lord Indra. Thus, this album is a collection of mantras, which
would bring us all the goodness that can be bestowed on us through
their omnipotent subjects.

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