Pooja Article: Camphor Lamp

Packet of Cotton

Cotton has dual usages – the first being

used to make cotton wicks while lighting the lamp (Nandadeep, Niranjan

or any other) and is thus the most integral part of the daily or

any other festive Pooja. This packet contains the finest cotton

that can be used for one complete month for your daily Pooja in

your home. The second usage of this packet of cotton is used as

a symbolic form of clothing the Deity while bathing the Idol during

an ‘Abhishek’ or ‘Snana’ that is done during special festive occasions

or rituals. The cotton is one of the most pure forms of natural

fibers known to mankind and thus represents an offering of clothing

to the guest, and also the warmth of the devotee’s love. It is

a symbol of modesty and affection toward the Deity and a gesture

of thankfulness for the God.

Weight: 25 gms.

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