Moral Stories from Hitopadesha
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Hitopadesha - A virtual gateway to the science of morality adorned the literary firmament. It was one of the most memorable gifts of Narayana Pandit - the court poet of King Dhawal Chandra of Bengal, who compiled it during the year 1373 AD. Hitopasheda is increasingly famous and most widely read Sanskrit book in India. Its simple and short stories, written in lucid style, catch the fancy of the readers and fill them with joy and happiness.

Although the stories complied in Hitopadesha are that of animals and birds, these are relevant to the human life and behaviour. The two words 'Hita' and 'Upadesha' contained in the name mean: 'Wise Counsel'. The silent feature of Hitopadesha lies in the fact that it ia simple and comprehensible.

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