Jeeva Ayurvedic Herbal Soaps, family pack of ayurvedic herbal soaps

Jeeva is a complete Ayurvedic soap containing Ayurvedic herbs and skin nourishing oils which have the ability to moisturize, deodorize, soften, smoothen, nourish and beautify the skin as well as to cure and prevent skin diseases such as pimples, skin rashes, sores and skin pigmentation. 27 medicinal herbs used in Jeeva grow in Himalayan, Sahyadri, Aravali Ranges and various other parts of the India and in various climatic conditions that contain natural Alkaloids, Glucosides, Resins, Essential and Aromatic oils. These ingredients have natural cleansing, conditioning, antiseptic, healing, beautifying and stress relieving properties. In addition, Jeeva is enriched with skin nourishing olive oil, Almond oil and Coconut milk in the most synergetic formula.

The 27 specialty herbs moisturize , deodorize, soften, smoothen, nourish and beautify the skin and also wards off skin diseases.
The rich, medicated and skin nourishing lather of Jeeva removes layers of dead cells from the epidermis, gently cleanses the pores of sebaceous and sweat glands on skin surface, exfoliating accumulated dirt. This ensures easy and quick absorption of nutrients and Ayurvedic medication to the endodermic part of the skin where the sweat glands, sebaceous glands and blood vessels are situated. Yes, Jeeva is the only natural skin tonic soap that stands for healthy, smooth, supple and beautiful skin.