Tales Of Wisdom – The Foolish Lion

In a certain jungle lived a lion. He was a very powerful lion and very strong, as most lions are. He would roam in the forest freely. Whenever he found a healthy looking animal?a grazing buffalo, a tender hare or a timid deer, he would pounce upon it, and tear it to pieces and make a tasty meal of it.
One day, he roamed and roamed, but could not find a single animal. Whenever the animals heard his echoing roar, they trembled and scurried to their little hideouts. The sun set. Dusk and darkness descended upon the jungle. The lion, tired after his fruitless search, came upon a cave. An idea struck him. It was dark now and the animal living in that cave would soon be coming home. So he decided he would wait, and when the animal came he would eat it up. He hide in a dark comer of the cave and waited.

After some time a fox came there. The cave was his abode. But foxes, as you know, are very cunning. He saw footsteps leading to his cave, but not coming out of it. And the footsteps looked like those of a lion. So the fox decided to be sure before he entered the cave. But how could he know, unless he entered the cave? After much thought, he hit upon an idea.

He called out, “Hello, there, cave, dear friend. The lion got excited when he heard the voice of an animal call out. Ah! Now it would not be very long before he would have his long-awaited meal. His pangs of hunger grew sharper and his mouth watered! He did not say anything. He waited.

The fox, getting no answer, called out again, “My dear cave. Have you forgotten our agreement to greet each other whenever I leave or enter you? Or is it that ,there is a wild animal hiding in you, and you are not answering out of fear?”

The lion thought, ” etterr not leave room for suspicion. May be the cave is not answering because I am in it. Better answer and remove all doubts.” So, he called back, “0, hello, friend. I did not answer you before because I was thinking of something else. Do come in.”

The fox waiting outside was now satisfied. He slipped away slyly?chuckling to himself, his eyes twinkling with mischief. He had hood winked the lion and saved his own neck!

Moral of the Tale:

If the “cave” of the heart is not empty He cannot enter. When outer objects of sense gratifications, deceivers of life ? wolf ? comes and talks to deceive, if the ego-lion-is within it will roar, with its ?mouth watering? to have the enjoyment. In the form of sense objects.

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