Tales Of Wisdom – Buddhu Ram

“Buddhu” Ram lived many hundreds of years ago. He became famous for the many pranks he played on people and was considered the “greatest fool” {Budhu) that ever lived. But this was only because he was so very wise that few could really understand him. He played his pranks on them, only to teach them great lessons.

He dressed like a dunce, in clothes of two colours, and had a cap with bells on his head. You could always hear him coming, and people used to lock their doors and keep their children inside. But sooner or later their curiosity got the better of them, and they would gather around to see what he was up to next.

One day there was a big festival and people came from far and wide. “Budhu” was in a group that had to come across a mountain. So they were all up early, to get a good start, because it was a high mountain and a long climb. As they were going up, the path became steeper and steeper. The going got harder and harder. The sun was beating down upon them mercilessly. People started huffing and puffing, and dragging their feet. But “Budhu” danced along merrily, singing and joking, and having a wonderful time. People thought Ram to be really a great fool He must be, to be dancing when everyone else was suffering from heat and thirst and sore feet. They kept shaking their heads and wondering at his foolishness. They knew he was up to some trick, but what?

Finally the summit was reached, and now?what a relief to all! Here was the easy way down! But look at Ram. His face became sad, and tears were streaming down his cheeks. He was huffing and puffing and dragging his feet. It seemed as if this easy walk down was the hardest thing in the world to do.

The people could not contain their curiosity any longer, and someone asked him, ‘How could it be that you were so gay on the hard way up, and so sad on the easy way down?” “Budhu” made a sudden somersault: “I have been waiting for you to ask me,” he said in great joy.

“Do you not see what fools you all are? When I was walking up the mountain, I thought of the ease with which I would be going down, and therefore, the walk was very easy. But when I walk down, I think how hard it would be to climb up, and, therefore, I become sad.”

Nobody could understand so much “foolishness.” But it was only because “Budhu” was so very wise!

Do you understand what he was trying to tell them, and why?

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