Aitareya Upanishad: Book II

1. Once the deities had been created, they flew down on to this great ocean. The self afflicted the man with hunger and thirst. They said to him, 'Find us a place where we can settle and eat food.'

2. He brought a cow to them. They said. This is not enough for us.' He brought a horse to them. They said, This is not enough for us.'

3. He brought a man to them. They said, 'Hurrah! Well done!' A man is something well done. He said to them, 'Enter, each to your place.'

4. Fire became speech and entered the mouth. Air became breath and entered the nostrils. The sun became sight and entered the eyes. The directions became hearing and entered the ears. The plants and trees became body hairs and entered the skin. The moon became mind and entered the heart. Death became the lower breath and entered the navel. The waters became seed and entered the phallus.

5. Hunger and thirst said to him, 'Find a place for us, too He said to them, 'I allot you a share among these deities. I make you sharers with them.' So whenever an offering is assigned to any deity, hunger and thirst become sharers with that deity.

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