Aitareya Upanishad: Book V

1. 'Who is he?'

'We worship him as the self.'

'Which one is the self?'

'The one by whom one sees, by whom one hears, by whom one smells smells, by whom one utters speech, by whom one discriminates what is sweet and not sweet´┐Ż

2. 'Who is the heart, the mind; consciousness, perception, discrimination, knowledge, intelligence, vision, steadfastness, thought, consideration, swiftness, memory, resolve, intention, life, desire, will. All these are names for knowledge.

3. He is Brahma, he is Indra, he is Prajapati and all the gods; the five elements earth, air, space, the waters, light; those which are, as it were, finely mixed; the various other kinds of seeds, the egg-born, the womb-born, the sweat-born, the shoot-born; horses, cattle, human beings, elephants. All that has breath, both walking and flying, and all that is still, is led by knowledge, based on knowledge. The world is led by knowledge. Knowledge is the basis. Knowledge is brahman.

4. By the wise self he rose upwards; he won in that heavenly world all desires; and he became immortal, became immortal. So it is. OM.

OM. My speech stands firm on mind:

My mind stands firm on speech.

Appear, appear to me.

Be to me a nail for the Veda.

Do not harm that which I have heard.

With this study I hold days and nights together.

I will speak law: I will speak truth.
May that protect me: may that protect the speaker.
May it protect me: may it protect the speaker,
may it protect the speaker.

OM, Peace, peace, peace.

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