Maitri Upanishad: Book V

1. '"Here now is Kutsayana's hymn of praise:
You are Brahma, you are Visnu too:
You are Rudra, you are Prajapati.
You are Agni, Varuna, Vayu:
You are Indra, you are the Moon.

You are Manu, you are Yama,
You are Earth, the Unfallen likewise.
For your sake and the sake of your own nature
You rest in the sky in many forms.

Lord of all, homage to you,
Self of all, doer of all works:
Enjoyer of all, you are the whole lifespan,
The ruler who delights in all games.

Homage to you, peaceful self,
Homage to you, greatest secret,
Unthinkable, immeasurable,
Without beginning or end.

2. 'In the beginning this was darkness Later, that was moved by something else, and became unbalanced. That is the form of passion (rajas). Passion was moved and became unbalanced. That is the form of darkness. Purity (sattva) was moved. From purity flowed the essence. That is the portion consisting solely of consciousness which is the field-knower in each person, Prajapati whose characteristics are will, determination and conceit. Brahma, Rudra and Vishnu are called the supreme forms of him. His portion of darkness is Rudra. His portion of passion is Brahma. His portion of purity is Visnu. After becoming threefold, he became eightfold, elevenfold, twelvefold, infinite-fold. Because of his becoming (udbhutatva), he is being (bhuta). The support moves in the beings- He became the overlord of all beings. He is the self inside and outside�inside and outside.

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