Short Stories From The Mahabharata - Arjun VCD

Short Stories From The Mahabharata - Arjun

The one whose very name means ‘doer of great deeds’ – Arjuna, the third of the five Pandava brothers, and the son of Kunti and Pandu, is revered in Hindu mythology as a just ruler and a brave warrior. One of the key figures in the Mahabharatha, a few of his adventures are highlighted in these unique stories. They bring to mind a legendary hero who’s trails, tribulations and triumphs are still recalled with fondness and awe.

This VCD contains the following stories:

Arjuna’s Aim - In this legendary story, Arjuna proves his prowess in archery when Guru Drona decides to test the skills of his students.
Gurudakshina - This is the tale of the Gurudakshina that the Pandavas and Kauravas give to their teacher, Guru Drona. On the request of their Guru, they separately wage war against Draupada, the King of Panchala.

Swayamvar of Draupati - This is the story of how Draupadi came to be the wife of all five Pandava brothers. Once again, Arjuna proves his amazing skills at archery.

Arjuna and the Hunter - This story recounts how Arjuna persuades Lord Shiva to give him his Pasupata Astra, or divine weapon, which he (Arjuna) needs in order to do battle with the Kauravas.

Arjuna and the Monkey- In this story, Arjuna takes up the challenge issued by a monkey, who is actually Hanuman in disguise. Arjuna and Hanuman are both taught a lesson in humility by the divine Lord Vishnu.

Bed of Arrows - This story reveals the inner torment that Arjuna endures when he goes into battle with the Kauravas. In this tale, Aruna displays his generosity of spirit when he comforts Bhisma in his last hours.


Short Stories From The Mahabharata - Arjuna

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