Arunachaleshwara Jothi VCD


There is a Sanskrit saying “If one sees the Lord of Chindambaram,
or if one takes birth at Tiruvarur, or if one dies in Kasi, one will
surely attain Liberation, but by merely thinking of Arunachala, one
gets this benefit” ‘Om Nama Sivaya’ is believed to be the most secret
and powerful mantra. It is said one “Arunachleswaraya namah” has
the equal power of one core “Om Nama Sivaya”, Sri Arunachala (Lord
Siva) is the Lord master of the Universe. The universl spirit ever
shining in a blissful glort, the Brahman beyond name and form, duality
and distinction, who is in the form of fire “Jyotir lingam”, burns
all the sins of his creations. Aruachala hill in Tamilnadu is the
concrete form of Sri Arunachala, the Universal Lord. It’s that form
of God that even Our ordinary human eyes can perceive, Arunachala
the hill and Arunachala the lord are not different, for the Arunachala,
Hill itself is the biggest Siva Lingam in the world. (Brahmanda Lingam).
This spiritual reality has been experienced and endorsed by many
Siddhas. The supreme Philosophical knowledge can easily be attained
by anyone who sees or thinks the form of this hill.

Arunachala is the only holy place where the Lord gives eternally
his viswaraoopa darshan. It is the spiritual solution for everyone,
irrespective of race, religion or nationality, Arunachala is truly
the holy mountain. It is truly Siva himself! Meditation on the divine
name or singing the divine names of Arunachala will fetch enormous
spiritual powers. The circumambulation of Arunachala hill or chanting
his 1000 names Sahasranamavali is said it destroy the karma of ten
million births. No other spiritual pursuit has this kind of power.
Here are some prayers seeking favours from ganapati through the divine
language, Sanskit. This Video Compact Disc Comprise of Arunachaleshwara

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