Sri Venkatesa Vaibhavam VCD

Sri Venkatesa Vaibhavam

Namasankirtana,i.e., the repetition of the divine name is the effective means to neutralize the evil effects of kaliyuga and to attain bliss. The most powerful way of doing this is the recitation of Sahasranama or the thousand name of the chosen deity. These name or epithets describe and glorify the chosen God. Composed by the ancient Rishis the Sahasranama vibrate with the powerful divine energy if they are chanted with sincere piety and mediation. This energy stimulates certain nerve centers in the brain and promotes a state of mental equipoise and general well-being.

Lord Venkateswara, popularly addressed as Balaji, the Lord of the seven Hills at Tirupati is the deity sought after by crores of people for attaining his grace and magical solutions to all. The upturn of life is guaranteed to every one seeking succor under his lotus feet. He is rich in all respects and is benevolent to all those who contemplate on him.

To have the direct experience of his supernatural powers this Video Compact Disc offers to the listeners the Venkateswara Sahasranamam and some of the rare prayers collected from the puranas and other sources hitherto unheard in Compact Disc format.

They include Srivenkateswara Suprabatham, Sri Venkateswara Sahasranama , Sri Ivenkateswara Stotram, Sri Venkateswara Mahatkiyam.

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