Vishnu Aarti I

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Glory, glory to you, O Omkara, the Supreme Lord of the Worlds and destroyer of all afflictions ! Glory to you, O Lord and Master of the universe! You deliver your devotees from distress in a single instant. Glory, glory to you.
He who meditates on you reaps the fruit thereof, the fruit of blessings and deliverance from all heart�s grief; while happiness and wealth roll in into his house, his body is cured of pain.
As I have only you for my parents, who else can be my refuge? Since I have none else in the world, in whom shall I repose trust ?
You are the most perfect and supreme lord of all, the controller of our inmost beings, impersonal and attributeless Brahma and the supreme master of all.
While you are the ocean of compassion and sustainer of all, I am dull-witted, wicked and lecherous. O my beloved Lord, be gracious unto me.
You are one and imperceptible by the senses ; you are also the lord of all vital forces in the world. Can I , a wicked one face you who are so exceedingly kind ?
You are, O Lord of Compassion and destroyer of pain, my only protector ; I am lying at your door ; come and lift me up with your own hands.
Extirpate, O Lord, the defilements of my senses and all my transgressions, so that my faith in and devotion to you keep on growing and I am able to serve the saints.
Whatever I have, O Lord, body, intellect and wealth, is all yours. All this of which you are the owner is dedicated to you. What do I lose if I return what is not mine.

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