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Meditation is the language of the soul with lonely musings to converse
with God! Pray your best and leave the rest to God. Prayers through
Sanskrit, is the nurse of thought and thought for food for meditation.
If bathes one in the rivers of divine pleasure. It treads the path
of peace and views the mansion of Eternity. By meditation the great
enemies to peace viz. avarice, envy, anger, and pride could be banished
which will lead to infallible enjoyment of perpetual peace.

Prayer through Mantras is the wing with which the soul flies to
heaven and meditation the eyes with which we see God. Prayers chanted
with devotion, faith and emotion gravitate the God or Goddess concerned
and invoke powers from the infinite cosmic energy.

These hymns are recited with perfect diction by Brahmasri Pudukkottai
Mahalinga Sastri, Brahmasri Parasurama Ganapatigal, (President awardee)
Dr.R.Thiagorojan (Prof. Of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai),
Unnikrishnan (the Famous vocalist) and their team. feel proud of this collection and in transmitting
this highly valuable Mantras to the pious listeners to facilitate
Mental Peace and Serenity!

Track Listing:

  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Pancasanti
  • Ghosasanti
  • Mahasanti
  • Bhagavad Gita Chapter II
  • Bhagavad Gita Chapter III
  • Isavasya Upanisad
  • Asirvada Mantras

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