Lord Shiva Animation

Our Mantra

This is our first step towards the realization of the long forgotten
synergies existing between mankind and spiritualism at large. Here, through 
our website, we propose to “export” our great wealth in Vedic scriptures
as well as Shlokas or Mantras based on traditional principles of Indian
Philosophy. Also, we would like to emphasise on equality for all religions/faiths
practised by all. Just like Lord Krishna said
“Religion is not to be
adopted by oneself but to lead a good life free from all evils,vices and
wrong paths is the truest form of one’s religion”
. Similarly all religions
preach upholding peace, which is the moot point, we are aiming at.

108 Names of Lord Shiva

Mantra Of  The Day

Love and fault-finding never go together. The more you love the less you judge.

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