Svetasvatara Upanishad: Book III

1. There is one who bears a net, who rules with his powers,
Who rules all worlds with his powers,
Who is one in arising and ceasing.
Those who know this become immortal.

2. Rudra is the one�they do not give place to a second�
Who rules the worlds with his powers.
He stands in front of people. Protector of all worlds,
At the ending-time he has drawn them in agairr.

3. Eyes on every side and faces on every side,
Arms on every side and feet on every side,
With his arms and his wings he forges them,
One god begetting sky and earth.

4. May Rudra, overlord of all, great Rsi,
The source and origin of the gods,
Who of old begot the golden embryo,
Yoke us with clear intelligence.

5. Mountain-dweller Rudra,
With that gracious form of yours,
Not terrifying nor evil-appearing, but most healing,
Gaze on us always.

6. Mountain-dweller, make gracious (Siva)
The arrow that you hold in your hand to shoot;
Mountain-protector, do not injure
Man or moving thing.

7. Higher than that5 is the supreme brahman.
Knowing that powerful one, the great,
Hidden in all beings according to their bodies,
One enveloping all, folk become immortal.

8. I know this great person,
Sun-coloured, beyond darkness.
Knowing him, one goes beyond death;
There is no other path by which to go.

9. All this is filled by the person,
The one, who stands in the sky, firm as a tree.
There is nothing higher or lower than he
No one smaller or larger.

10. That which is far higher than that
Is formless, without disease:
Those who know it become immortal.
The rest go on to suffering.

11. Possessing all faces, heads and necks,
Living in the secret depth of all beings,
The blessed one is all-pervading:
Therefore he is the omnipresent gracious one (Siva).

12. The person is the great lord,
He who makes being (sattva) roll onward,
Ruling over this most pure attainment,
Unfailing light.

13. The person within the self, a thumb in length,
Always living in the heart of people,
Is shaped by the heart, the intelligence, the mind:
Those who know this become immortal.

14. The person with a thousand heads,
A thousand eyes, a thousand feet,
Has enfolded the earth on every side
And stood out beyond it by ten thumbs' length.

15. The person is all this,
What has been and what is to be:
And lord of immortality, too�
Whatever grows up on food.

16. With hands and feet on every side,
With eyes, heads and faces on every side,
With ears on every side, it stands
Enfolding everything in the world.

17. Seeming to have the strands of all the senses
But apart from all the senses,
Ruler and lord of all,
Great refuge of all!

18. Embodied in the nine-gated city,
Controller of the whole world,
Stationary and moving.

19. A swift seizer without hand or foot,
He sees without eyes, he hears without ears:
He knows what is to be known, and there is none who knows him.
They call him the primaeval great person.

20. Subtler than the subtle, greater than the great,
The self is hidden in the secret place of the being.
One sees him as without will, through the creator's favour,
Sees the greatness, the lord, one's sorrow at an end

21. I know the unageing ancient one,
Self of all,70 omnipresent through pervading all:
Folk say that cessation of birth belongs to him
Whom scholars of brahman call the eternal.

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