The Abode Of Gods : Halebid

"The temple of Hoysaleshwara at Halebid, South India; with the exuberance of its sculrtural art is said to be one of the most remarkable monuments ever produced by the hand of man. As one walks around the temple the carved wall begin to appear as a voluminous illuminated scroll unroll before one's eyes. On them is portrayed the whole world of Indra's heaven carved in infinite detail"

Quote from "Indian Sculpture"
- M.S. Randhawa & D.S. Randhawa

Seated Ganesh
Hari - Hara
Narasimha avatar - Slaying Hiranyakashpipu
Ravana shaking mount Kailash - Shiv & Parvati seated on top
Mohini avatar - Vishnu dancing on Mount Meru
Trivikrama - Vishnu measuring the three worlds
Shiva Natraja
Shiva staying Andhakasura
Goddess Ganga
Sura-sundari adjusting her coiffure
Lord Vishnu
Giri - Goverdhana - Krishna holding mount Govardhan

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