Lalita DVD

The Divine Mother of the Universe Lalita, once gave audience to all gods. To worship her came millions of Brahmas (creators) and Brahminis (consorts of the creators) and millions of Narayans with their Lakshmis and millions of Rudras with their Gauris. The different Shaktis who came to do Lalita reverence were also innumberable, as were the Devas and Siddhas. While Devi Lalita became glad upon hearing the hymns sung by them, all those present were amazed at her beauty and puissance.

“Declare my thousand names to my devotees. If a devotee recites it even once, I will grant him all his wishes.”, Devi Lalita told them. This DVD disk has the oroginal composition in Sanskrit for all the devotees.

DVD Info:

  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Running Length: 61min, 27secs
  • Audio: 5.1 Digital Surround
  • Regions: NTSC, All Region

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