Ganapati Audio CD Title

To be happy in life is the goal of all
human beings. All pursuits of all men at all times are directed towards
this goal. But very often people find that in spite of the best efforts
put in they do not achieve their goals to their expectations. It is
then that the mind turns towards God. It arises from the conviction
that there is a higher Being, more powerful than us whose blessings
are also necessary for getting the fruits of our actions. The contemplative
sages of yore have given us a number of symbolic representations of
that Higher Being to enable us to invoke His Grace and get our desires
fulfilled, as well as to ensure our protection and well being. And
who better than Shri Ganapati ? the most benevolent of all Gods who
has been at the forefront in bestowing divine blessings on all those
who worship Him with simplicity and sincerity.

We hereby present the album ?Ganapati? ? A musical tribute to the
most beloved of all Gods in the Hinduism. This album is a musical
sojourn of Shri Ganesha from Dawn to Dusk, comprising of various
prayers offered to him during different times in a day. It is a remarkable
combination of some fresh compositions like Morning and Evening Gayatri
Mantra, Rhinmochan Mahaganapati Stotram, Vishnukrit Ganesh Stotram,
Shri Ganeshashtakam, Shankaradikrit Gajanan Stotram, and other rarely
known mantras and some all time popular Ganesh Aartis like Shendur
Lal Chadhayo, Sukhakarta Dukhaharta & Ghalin Lotangana. Musically
adorned by Kedar Pandit and sung splendidly by Shankar Mahadevan & Shweta
Pandit, this album is a musical treat for all devotees of Shri Ganesha.
A must have for all those who seek the benedictions of the Lord of
successful beginnings and the destroyer of all obstacles. The track
listing of this album is given below ?

Morning Prayers of Lord Ganesh

  • Pauranik Dhyan Mantra – Shankar Mahadevan
  • Morning Gayatri Mantra – Chorus
  • Ganesh Mahamantra [Recitation In Morning Raag – Raag ‘Todi’]
    – Shankar Mahadevan & Chorus
  • Pratah Smaranam – Shweta Pandit
  • Rhinmochan Mahaganapati Stotram – Shankar Mahadevan & Chorus
  • Vishnukrit Ganesh Stotram – Chorus
  • Shendur Lal Chadhayo Aarti – Chorus
  • Ganesh Dhun – Shankar Mahadevan And Chorus

Evening Prayers of Lord Ganesh

  • Tantrik Dhyan Mantra – Shankar Mahadevan
  • Sayam Gayatri Mantra – Chorus
  • Ganesh Mahamantra [ Recitation In Evening Raaga-Raag ‘Yaman’
    ] – Shankar Mahdevan & Chorus
  • Sayamsmaranam – Shweta Pandit
  • Shri Ganeshashtakam – Shankar Mahadevan & Chorus
  • Shankaradikrit Gajanan Stotram – Chorus
  • Aarti Sukhkarta Dukhharta – Chorus
  • Ghalin Lotangan – Post Aarti Prayer – Chorus
  • Moraya Re Bappa Dhun – Shankar Mahadevan

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