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Lord Ganesh Pooja

* Place the idol of Lord Ganesh on the altar after taking bath in the morning. Sit comfortably, fold your hand in namaste, close your eyes and chant Om slowly three times.

Ganesh Mantra -

English wording:

vakratunda mahaakaaya soorya koti samaprabha
nirvighnam kuru mein deva sarva kaaryashu sarvadaa

Engligh meaning:

O! Lord Ganesha, you are as bright as ten million suns, I pray to you please remove all the obstacles from my path.

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Chant the following mantra, while placing the mukut on the idol

Asmin Bimbe Chitrapate
Maha-Ganapataye Namah
Vastrartha Mukutam

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* Sound the bell for 5 seconds.

Saraswati Mantra -

English wording:

saraswati namastubhyam varade kaama roopinee
poojaarambham karishyaami siddhir bhavatu mein sadaa

English meaning:

Goddess Saraswati, my salutations to you. I am starting the puja, please bless me with knowledge.

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*Make a resolve to perform the pooja.

Make a resolve Mantra -

mama upaatta samasta durita kshaya dwaaraa parameshwara preeti
artham mahaa ganapati poojaam karishye

Prepare the pooja thali with the following items:

  • Coconut
  • Pack Of Agarbattis (Incence Sticks)
  • Betel Leaf & Supari (Betel nut)
  • Janahav (Cotton String worn by Hindus)
  • Cotton packet (Used for making cotton wicks)
  • Abir (Black powder used for applying tilak)
  • Gulal (Red powder used for applying tilak)
  • Stick of Sandalwood (Used in making sandalwood paste)
  • Packet Of Camphor
  • Pouch Of Dhoop (Natural extract from trees)

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*Pray Guru

Guru Mantra -

English wording:
gurur brahma guruvishnuh gurudevo maheshwara
gurussakshaat parabrahma tasmai shri gurave namah

English meaning:
The teacher is the embodiment of the trinity - Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. To that Guru, who is none other than God himself, I salute.

Prepare the Nandadeep (lamp) by pouring oil in it and making a cotton wick.

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*Meditate upon Lord Ganesh

English wording:
shuklaambara sharam vishnum shashi varnam chaturbhujam
prasanna vadanam dhyaayet sarvavighnopa shaantaye

English meaning:

I meditate upon Lord Ganesh, who is wearing bright colored clothes, and has four arms, pleasant faced Lord Ganesha removes all obstacles.

Make arrangements for garland to be placed around Lord Ganesha's neck.

*Invite the Lord to accept your worship.

asmin bimbe chitrapate
maha-ganapataye namah
karpura nirajanam
acamaniyam samarpayami

English meaning:

I offer camphor aarti to Lord Ganesh in this beautiful form. After the camphor aarti, pure water is offered to Him.

*Welcome the Lord with flowers and water

I welcome the Lord with these flowers and kalash of water.

Fill the kalash (copper pot) with water and arrange flowers.

*Offer milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. At the end offer water from the kalash. Pour the mixture of all these five items into the Charanamrit set. Offer everything with Charanamrit Set. Dip flowers in the kalash and offer to the Lord.

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*Worship the Lord with a bit of kumkum (sindoor), haldi (turmeric powder), abir (black powder) and a paste made out of sandalwood bar.

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*Offer the benevolent Lord the traditional Dhoop Aarti with Brass Dhoop Lamp and circle the Lord Ganesha Idol three to five times in the clock wise direction

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* - Perform The Lord Ganesha Aarti - Jai Ganesh Deva with the traditional Niranjan Lamp. All the five oil cotton wicks of the Niranjan should be lighted as this a part of the customary ritual of the traditional Ganesh Pooja

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* Stand up straight. Fold your hands and do namaste. Turn clock wise three times. Do namaskar to the benevolent Lord Ganesha.

Take prasad and distribute it to everyone present. Take blessings from Lord Ganesha for a happy and prosperous life.

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After reciting the following Shanti Mantra, cleanup your pooja place
sarve santu sukhinah
sarve santu niramayah
sarve bhadrani pashyantu
maa kashchid sukhabhag bhavet

Let all live happily. Let all live without misery. Let all see, hear and perceive only good things. Let no one ever be sad.

Play one of the CDs/Cassettes to maintain the pious atmosphere.

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