Gayatri Audio Titles

Gayatri mantra, the most ancient and potent
mantra of Hinduism, helps the higher human to be born in us all. Just
like the Sun liquidates darkness, Gayatri Mantra decimates ignorance.
It illumines the intelelct and produces the highest bliss, creativity
and success in the owrld. Rendered in the magical voice of Pandit
and Rattan Mohan Sharma, this highest meditation
mantra for illumination enables us to destroy our sins and reveal the
supreme self to us. Enlightening and energizing at the same time, this
celebration of the all-prevading source of light is complemented by
a 16 page Collector’s Booklet and 6 Unique Meditation Cards of
rare beauty and value.

Unique Meditation Cards

Track Listing:

  • Gayatri Invocation
  • Introductory Commentary
  • Pranayam Mantra
  • Sturi (Sloka I & Sloka II)
  • Gayatri Aarti in Chorus


  • Sung by Pandit Jasraj, written by Shri Shyam Manohar Goswami

Chants & Music:

  • Rattan Mohan Sharma

Commentary Voice:

  • Harish Bhimani

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