MANTRA ON NET : Hindu Festivals Of India: Guru Purnima

Whatever the old poets and writers have written in the past, holds good even today. Kabir wrote, ” Guru is a washer-man, he disciplines a cloth, soap the creator, washed on the stone of knowledge, this gives out utmost light brightness”. This couplet of Kabir throws light on the relation of a guru (master) to a discipline; who washes away the dirt ) bad elements) in the mind of the discipline and thus makes him clean, pure and pious. He expects from almighty that by his blessings, he should enlighten his inner conscience.

A guru has to be remembered, even before the parents and the God. In the modern times this interrelationship of a guru and a disciple, has lost its traditional value.

Guru Purnima day is of great importance in relation to a guru and disciple. On this day a disciple, according to his capacity, gives service and offerings to his guru. Some gurus are prone to make authoritative demands on their disciples, which may be beyond the capacity of the discipline. If the relation between the two are cordial, the disciple can gain much.

“The mind, when it accepts the lead of a guru, then obliterating the sense of the other, it merges in God”.

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