MantraOnNet: Hanuman Jayanti

Lord Hanuman, the ape commander of the forces of Lord Rama (Visnu incarnation) is said to have been born on this day. Lord Hanuman is known for his valour, courage and the most for his devotion to Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman is symbolic of physical strength and is therefore the personified deity of the wrestlers, body builders and physical institute lovers. Images of this deity are usually made of red stone, smeared with red (vermilion) and offerings of ladoos (sweets) are made. It is an auspicious day for inauguration of new wrestling rings.

Incidentally a legend related to the devotion of Lord Hanuman comes to mind. The occasion was the coronation of Lord Rama after victory over Sri Lanka. Sita in a happy mood and in appreciation of the services of Lord Hanuman, gave a garland of pearls to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman started breaking the pearls one by one and keenly looking into them. Lakshmana surprised, asked him the reason. He replied that he was looking for his god Lord Rama within the pearls. Thereupon Lakshmana sarcastically said, “Do you have Lord Rama in your heart also?” Thereupon Lord Hanuman tore open his heart with his nails and surprisingly there was the image of Sita and Lord Rama in his heart. The legend, evidently unbelievable, is symbolic of the true devotion of a devotee to his adored god.

From Badrinath, on the road is the village Lord Hanuman Chatt. Here in legendary times, the mighty Bhim encountered an old monkey sitting with his long tail across the road. Arrogantly, the powerful warrior asked the seemingly decrepit animal to move. The monkey said he was old and tired and asked Bhim to shift the offending limb. But try as he might, the strong Pandav could not do so. Then the “old monkey” revealed that he was Lord Hanuman, invincible son of the wind. Bhim was chastened.
At Lord Hanuman chatt, too, the Khairon Ganga pours the water of Nilkanth into the Alakananda.

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