Shri Krishna Janma Utsav Audio Titles

The most sublime and elated moments of celebrations in Hinduism
are the rejoicing of Shri Krishna Janmashtami ? the birth of Bala
Krishna or the child-Krishna. This exquisite presentation from the
divine Sri Chaitanya Sampradayachrya Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji is
absolutely a bliss experience to listen and heralds the beginning
of happy and joyous times in our lives. Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji
was born in the lineage of Sri Gopal Bhatta Goswami, the successor
to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , on Sharad Purnima in 1961, in the city
of Vrindaban , the playground of Lord Krishna. He obtained a Bachelor’s
degree at the Benaras Hindu University in Sanskrit, Philosophy, Ancient
Indian History and Archeology Later he joined Centre for Advanced
Studies in Sanskrit at Poona’s University for his Master’s degree
in Vedanta. In pursuit of higher learning, Venu Gopaiji returned
to Varanasi (the city of lea)ing ) . Sitting at the feet of his Guru
Prof. T.R.V.Murti (who taught at the Harvard University) deeper meanings
of Bhakti- Shastra were unraveled to him.

The five hundred year old family tradition of preaching Srimad
Bhagvat Purana has been passed on to him by his father Sant Sri Purushottam
Goswamiji Maharaj , who is a leading authority on it himself.

In Ancient India the hymns from the Vedas were recited with music.
Keeping the same tradition alive Venu Gopaiji has evolved a unique
style of singing shlokas of Bhagvad Purana and explaining them .
He received his formal training in Indian Classical Music from the
renowned vocalist Sri Padmavibhushan Pandit Jasraj.

Goswamiji has preached for over a decade in 55 cities of 22 countries.
His teachings have benefited many in solving problems in their daily
lives. He believes that the teachings of Bhagvad Purana can only
remove the suffering in Kaliyug .Sant Venu Gopal Goswami is a young
Acharya in Radha Raman , one of the oldest temples of Vrindaban.

This pure and complete album has certainly been the most heartfelt
and best presentation from Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji’s chaste soul
and spreads the happiness and devotion of Krishna-love to the entire
generations of Krishna devotees.

The tracks in this album are:

  • Puja
  • Palna
  • Aarti
  • Naamkaran
  • Mangal Geet
  • Badhaan

Composed & Sung by: Bhagwat Acharya Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji
Music Arrangements: Shri Kedar Pandit

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