Festivals Of India – Mataseye Jayanti

Mataseye form was the first incarnation of god Vishnu and he appeared on this day. The occasion is celebrated by sketching fist on doors and walls, by feeding them with flour rolls and by listening to Mataseye legend from Mataseye Purana. The beneficial effect is freedom from worldly problems. It so happened that princely sage Satyebrata, after bath in the sea filled up his hands with water to offer to sun god. Incidentally a small fish came in that water in his hands. Satyebrata poured the water with the fish into the sea. When the fish dropped, it said, “I am too small. Bigger fish will eat me up, so being afraid I have taken shelter under you, but you dropped me back.” Satyebrata was deeply moved by this pathetic appeal of the fish. He picked that up in his jug and brought to his palace. The fist grew bigger and bigger by day and night, ultimately the king transferred it from small to larger vessels, then to stream, river and ultimately to the sea. When dropped in the sea, the fish spoke, “The crocodiles in sea will eat me up. Why do you give me up when I am under your shelter.” The king, who was a devout sage realized that was not an ordinary fish but divinity in that form.

Satyebrata stood up with folded hands, he invoked god. Mataseye avatar appeared as god Vishnu, apprised his devotee of the coming disaster and told him the way to escape from that calamity (Parley).

After seven days universal destruction took place. There was typhoon in the sea and submerged the whole of the earth. As intimated by Mataseye incarnation, a boat appeared, Sateyebrata got into it. The boat tethered properly. Mataseye avatar gave a sermon and imported knowledge to Sateyebrata. After annihilation, this Sateyebrata became Manu. This Mataseye avatar also killed Hey grieve and retrieved the Vedas.

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