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An Excerpt – Mount Kailash – Track time: 7:59

Trace back the water flowing through that Bengali village a couple of thousand kilometers or so –
through the jungles of Assam and the Himalayan gorges, out across the interminable canyon badlands
of Tibet – and one arrives eventually at its source at the foot of the most sacred place in the
Hindu/Buddhist world: Mount Kailash.

It is not a journey I (nor indeed probably any non Indian – Tibet has been forbidden territory for too long) have ever made. But just as Hindus and Buddhists seem to long for this place of power that is not even geographically part of India, so a part of my imagination is sparked by the idea of that solitary, crystal-shaped peak of rock and ice, haunted by the echoing cry of the fabulous birds in its chaotic ravines, which is said to be the home of the great god Shiva.

There is not temple there – the whole mountain is a temple. For this piece I simple let master bamboo
flute player Bikkram Singh (himself a mountain man from Manipur on the Burmese border) improvise
whatever came to him, and added atmospheric background later.

The other tracks in this masterpiece composition are of the soulful descriptions of these beautiful
temples –
Dhobapara, Hanuman Temple in New Delhi, Chidambaram, Gir Forest, Chamba, Khajuraho and
Konark Sun Temple.

Chinmaya Dunster’s meditative acoustic compositions have won this British born musician international acclaim. His lover and mastery of the sarod, the 19 stringed classical Indian instrument, is evident in his Asian flavoured melodies.

A devoted student of Feng Shui, Chinmaya has released severalalbums of music themed to enhance ancient eastern arts.

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