Panchatantra Vol. II

Panchatantra Vol. II
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Languages: English / Hindi presents stories from Panchatantra, which was conceived and composed in the third or fourth century. These stories relate to systems then prevalent to teach politics, the ethical way of living and the principles of monarchy. They formed one of the best set of stories for the youngsters to start with.

It depicts stories in the rural and urbn Ancient India with humans and animals as characters.

Activities & Games Section for Children:

This section has activities for children like coloring, creative & logical thinking which would train the children to improve their memory skills, concentration & analytical abilities. The educational games section will engage the kids for hours.

The stories in this Multimedia Title are:

  • Clever Bull
  • Grateful Ant
  • Horse & Donkey
  • King & Noble Deer
  • Lion Makers
  • Magic Stick
  • Mouse Maid
  • Strok And Crab
  • Talking Cave
  • Union Is Strength

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