Hitopadesha : How Friends are parted

The Hitopadesha is a collection of fables in Sanskrit. This work, attributed to Narayana (11th or 12th Century A.D.), is based on the more famous Panchatantra which written by Vishnu Sharma more than a thousand years earlier.Although Narayana is indebted to Vishnu Sharma for his plots, he has introduced eighteen stories which are not found in the other versions of the Panchatantra.Narayana has divided his work into four sections: Mitralabha (Gaining Friends), Suhrudbheda (Causing Dissension Between Friends), Vigraha (Separation) and Sandhi (Union). The tales retold in this Amar Chitra Katha are from Suhrudbheda.

Illustrator :Ashok Dongre
ISBN : 81-7508-110-4

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