Sacred Morning Chants – Om Titles

Bow your head in honour of the Lord of the morning, who rises in
glory in the east of the world. Pray to the destroyer of darkness
to illuminate your day. Pray to the provider of peace to light up
your life.

We present to you a compilation of sacred morning chants to purify
your soul. As the sun rises to light your physical world, light your
inner world by revering the Supreme Being. Pray in the morning to
the All pervading Power and envelop your being in peace and calm.
Let the aura of serenity surround you right from dawn ? the perfect
way to start your day.

Taitriya Upanishads describes Om as a ?The container of the Supreme’.
Invoking Om thus means invoking the Supreme. Om has been chanted
by spiritual aspirants to meditate since centuries. The recitation
of Om is believed to have the power to connect the mortal to God.

Begin a spiritual journey every morning with the chanting of Om
to infuse new life into body and soul. Get enchanted with the aura
of Om, a powerful tonic that makes you feel pure, bright, rejuvenated & fresh,
ready to take the day head on. Its rhythmic pronunciation early in
the morning clears the mind and the shows the path to self-realisation.
With the first rays of the sun trickling down the earth, wake up
to the purifying vibrations of Om.

Track Listing:

  • Om – Dhyana
  • Om – Chants Chorus
  • Eternal Joy Flute


  • Sanjeev Abhyankar
  • Pandit Ronu Majumdar

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