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When man suffers for want of wealth he is mentally upset. He feels
dejected. When no amount of hard work could give relief, the only
way to secure wealth is the wink of luck from the eyes of Goddess
of wealth and the blessings of the spiritual entities. Pray your
best and leave the rest to God. Prayers through Sanskrit, the divine
language to any chosen deity accomplishes one’s aspirations and fulfills

Navigate your soul to the divine Orbit by listening to the transmission
of Divine spells and Incantations. This Divine Elixir is provided
for you to suit your need in the form of Vedic Mantras with the natural
harmonizing symphony of sounds to tap the divine source of energy,
which will fetch you enormous wealth as well as happiness.

Mantras when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion, gravitate
the God or Goddess concerned or deity and secure the divine blessings.
For Divine help one must maintain link with divine forces. By regular
use of Mantras a subtle link is formed and through this one could
obtain any desired boon. One could obtain wealth, prosperity, fame,
fearlessness, success and spiritual upliftment.

Here are some propitiations exclusively compiled for wealth and
Happiness. This wealthy compilation includes the recitation of Mahalakshmi
Mantra, Sri Suktam, Bhagyasuktam, Ayusyasuktam, Sakala Devata Bija
Mantras, Camakam, Konakodhara stotram, Ashtalakshmi Stotram and Asirvadom.

These hymns are recited with perfect diction by Brahmasri Pudukkottai
Mahalinga Sastri, Brahmasri Parasurama Ganapatigal, (President Awardee)
Dr.R.Thiagarajan (Prof. Of Sanskrit Presidency College, Chennai),
Unnikrishnan (the famous vocalist) and their team., feel proud of this collection and in transmitting
this highly valuable Mantras to the pious listeners to increase their
Wealth and Happiness!

Track Listing:

  • Mahalakshmi Mantra
  • Sri Suktam
  • Bhagyasuktam
  • Ayusyasukyam
  • Sakala Devata Bija Mantras
  • Camakam
  • Kanakadhara Stotram
  • Astalaksmi Stotram
  • Asirvada

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