Pooja Items & Samagiri: Dhoop Lamp

Dhoop Lamp

This is an exquisitely made 100% pure brass Dhoop Aarti lamp with an intricately hand-carved pure wooden handle. This Lamp is very much unique in its own way as it has an extremely exclusive role to play in the daily routine of an Aarti or during a Pooja. The worship of several Gods specially Ganesha, Shiva and Lakshmi is incomplete without a Dhoop Lamp Aarti along with the singing of the Ganesha Aarti (or the respective Aarti of the particular Deity) by everyone present in the home. This lamp can hold a significant amount of Dhoop – the natural extract from the trees containing resins, gums and other produces from the bark and is thus lighted during worshipping the Deity or during any other festive ritual or Pooja.

Weight: 400 Gms.

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